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Marbleous specializes in the production and execution of high quality marble and granite products for domestic and commercial use. Specialty products include: kitchen countertops, vanities, bathrooms, showers and tub surrounds, fireplaces and hearths, bartops, furniture, and hand carved sculptures upon commission.

Marbleous was founded in 1989 by internationally recognized sculptor Christopher Vezina and enjoys an excellent reputation in the Nipissing District and surrounding area. Marbleous is committed to living up to the high standard of artistic quality and perfection. Special attention to detail is always paid.

Marbleous (Canada) is a Division of Ageless Marble & Granite Ltd. and is federaly registered corporation (1989) located in North Bay Ontario, Canada.


Discover Natural Granite, Marble, Slate or Quartz

Granite, Marble, Slate and Quartz have become highly desirable surfaces for today's busy families. These stones introduce a natural and virtually indestructible surface that is easy to maintain and adds great value to your home.
Available in an extensive variety of colors and textures, home decor that incorporates these materials will give your space a wonderful natural quality that delivers on today's demand for durable, long lasting finishes. Combine the individuality of nature and your personal tastes to experience it's superb value.
Similarly priced man made materials such as Corian, Silestone or Avonite have become a popular design trend and are as germ free and easy to clean as natural stone, however can't match the long term performance of natural stone.


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