Fine Art...

Original works are available from the artist or reproductions upon request. Hand carved and polished as required. Quotations from the artist available upon request.

Completed works are placed in private/public collections Toronto (Canada), London (England) and Bermuda.


Sculpture: Portrait of Christopher Columbus

Description: White Italian Statuario Marble

Collection: Columbus Centre, Toronto Ontario


Sculpture: Metamorphosis

Description: White Italian Statuario Marble with a natural Yellow Patina.


Sculpture: Wet T-Shirt - 1983

This sculpture is Portoro Marble, Italy.

Polished and unpolished surface. A limited edition of this piece is also done in bronze.


Sculpture: Torso

This sculpture was formed in Pink Portuguese Marble. It was hand polished and is free turning on a brass pin base.


Sculpture: Wet T-Shirt Bronze - 193

This bronze in from an original sculpture.


Marble Inlaid Table: Modern Table 1986-1987

This marble inlaid table is formed of Black Marquina Marble possessing a Base Colour of Yellow Siena with Red Asiago Marble inlay and Arabescato Venato open vein.

Marble Inlaid Table