Kitchen Countertops...

Introduce your home to marble and granite...

A marble or granite countertop is no more expensive than high-end synthetic materials such as Corian or Avonite. While acrylic and polyester blends are germ, bacteria, and mildew resistant, stone is bacteria free because the material is so dense bacteria cannot live in it.

Modern kitchens with their germ-free, wipe clean focus require tough materials to withstand the assortment of cleaning products, foods, beverages, oils, grease, and cooking utensils that can damage them. Within the past few years, granite has become a highy-desirable surface for kitchen tops. Its glossy, polished surface is all but indestructible, and well served to meet the onslaught of busy, modern living.

Stone also comes in a wide spectrum of colours, imported from all over the world. Home decor that incorporates marble and granite gives it a wonderful, natural quality which suits it to the lifestyles of the new millenium. It offers a cool freshness combined with the luxury of personal taste.

Marble can be incorporated in tile or slab form into decor of a bathroom as a vanity top, tub surround, or on the floor itself. There is a wide selection of colour choices as well as low maintenance once in place.

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